Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Feeling my way around Florida Catch-up 3/27/17

Along with trying to learn the new layout and systems aboard the “new to me boat” my friend DENNIS provided a great distraction with the “something I want to show you” item.   My buddy who was “done boating” took an interest in this.

Two weeks later he owns a 76’ Nordhavn.   So much for “done boating”.  We were both aboard this boat in Mexico on the 2013 FUBAR Ralley.  Named Spring Day then it’s a whole other level of boating.   Yachting in my view.  It’s massive.   Weighing well over twice WORKNOT, powered by Detroit 60 Series and drawing over 7’.  Everything is bigger, lines, fenders, anchors, fuel tank (5,000 gallons) and operating expense.

Check out this side by side!

Back on WORKNOT my daughter and grand kids came for a visit.  Plenty of activity and excitement watching out for 2 kids under 3.  Proud grandpa  promptly took them all out for a ride and ran aground!  Edged out of the channel by a bad intentioned center console (he laughed as we stopped) .   Lesson taught, stay in the channel or stop, no margin for error,   Thankfully just mud and ego damaged.

Ready to abandon ship! 

Enjoying a few chips on the the back deck.
These kids are a long way from the farm they live on but adapted well.

The next weeks were filled with repairs, shuffling parts between WORKNOT and Sea Fox ad we both worked to get the boats ready to cruise.  I got totally lost in systems and parts trying to remember what was where and which boat I was thinking of.   N50, N57 or N76.    Wonderful problems to enjoy.    Now if I could just find those missing cables.........

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