Friday, August 22, 2014

BACK AT IT! at last

WORKNOT is fully crewed and back underway.     Mary, Keela, and I are at Catalina enjoying a great day on the water.   It was an easy cruise from Mariners Cove but we did not catch any fish.    Last week we caught a nice 18# yellow fin tuna on the Nine Mile Bank.

It is so nice to back on the water and taking a trip.   Happy to report no real boat issues after almost 3 months of inactivity.   Even the water maker is behaving.    (Hope that statement does not jinx us).  

We are anchored off White's Landing and it is crowded.   We arrived Thursday afternoon after 8.5 hrs of 2-3 foot wind waves and mixed long period swell.   Nice to have dry windshield AND going north.   There is a picture of us in the letters section of Lattiude 38 this month.  (Think they got it from the blog )   The reference is to the Baja bash but the picture is actually from the east cape of Baja north of Cabo.   Many thanks to ENDURANCE for the great shots.   

No plans for the summer other than getting back to cruising.   Mary's health scare has reminded us how precious these times are and she is doing better each day.   Today is her birthday, won't say which one but any readers who are working, please keep it up as it's now more important Social Security be solvent.

Plan to hang out here for a few more days and head back to San Diego on Wednesday.

A Day in Paradise-Catalina