Monday, October 29, 2018

First Haulout Catch-up 3/6/17

Haulouts are ALWAYS stressful.   The entire vessel lifted from its natural habitat by 4 slings.   Less than 5% of the hull surface area supporting it all.   The minute or so when the boat is half over the water and half over the concrete edge as it’s wheeled to the blocking area.   Just writing about it gives me the creeps.

Usually when purchasing boats of this type a survey including out of the water inspection is done by a professional surveyor.   Many deals are broken by the disagreements between buyer and seller.   A good surveyor finds that balance between the parties and deals work out, some surveyors view their job as proving their worth by finding every defect possible.   A friend had a $1mm+ boat surveyed for purchase, included in the pages of notes was condemnation of the dinghy anchor light as it was a few inches short of the required height.  The light was the installed by the OEM boat builder when the dinghy was new 10 years ago.  

WORKNOT was not surveyed when I purchased so this was the first time I saw it out of the water.   There is plenty to be “wrong” under water.   Fortunately no big surprises on this haulout.  

 With new bottom paint, Propspeed prop protector, zincs and 4 days of non-stop tasks best done out of the water ready to return to its natural habitat.

My friends Dennis and Julie returned early and insisted I come look at something ( remember they were “done boating and condo hunting” .   It was a surprise indeed.   More in the next installment.

WORKNOT is getting closer to cruise ready but it’s early in the process.   Still planning on heading south to the canal at this point.   The focus is on getting her ready to cruise and worry about cosmetics later.   As the saying goes, “I plan, God laughs”.

WORKNOT headed back to the water after just 5 days!    Hats off to River Forest.

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