Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting closer to the water............

We have been in Las Vegas the past 6 weeks with only one trip to WORKNOT.   This is the longest time living off of the boat since 2002!   We moved aboard a 42' Grand Banks in San Francisco Bay in the summer of 2002, later moved onto a 46' Grand Banks and finally onto the current WORKNOT.  

Summer in Las Vegas has been hot but Mary is doing better each week and expect we will be back on board full time late August.   Our trip to San Diego last weekend reminded us of how much we like the boat life.   The condo in Vegas is nice, lots of room compared to the boat, but it's just not what we want.  Next medical vacation from the boat to Las Vegas I'm hoping for winter time.  

While here I have been taking diving certification classes.   The instructor is a well qualified dive master with over 6,000 dives.   Four classroom sessions and a minimum of three dive days with multiple dives each day.   He is also an Elvis impersonator with an impressive Vegas resume.   Class is never boring.   Lots to learn and some of it applies to even the type of underwater stuff many of us do without considering it diving.   Little did I know you can get the "Bends" (decompression sickness) in 10' of water if exposed long enough.

Did some snorkeling in Mexico and always felt I tired out much sooner than just swimming around for the same time.   Turns out a regular snorkel does not fully discharge the CO2 trapped in the tube on each exhale.   This builds up over time, reducing the O2 intake and making the diver fatigued.  Tried a new style snorkel made by Kapitol Reef that has a fancy valve system and dual air tubes that eliminates the rebreathing of CO2.   Much better endurance for me.   I'll take any advantage I can get!

Expect to finish my diving classes in a few weeks and get back to WORKNOT with a healed Mary.  We are located at Cortez Marina on Harbor Island next to our old location at Cabrillo Isle.   Expect to see us around San Diego and Catalina in the next few months.