Thursday, December 6, 2018

Running Inside on the ICW ( Catch-up 6/17/18)

Mary, Keela and I continued the run north on the inside.

Anchoring just south of Coinjock at Lutz creek we awoke to find the boat covered in bugs.  Locals refer to them as “Fuzzy Wags”.   Thank heaven they did not bite.   They were so thick they clogged the deck drains and left green smudges everywhere.

We enjoyed a stop at Coinjock for prime rib and pie.   It’s an interesting place made special by the family ownership.   It’s a “wide spot on the ICW” that draws a tremendous number of cruisers each year.  1200’ of  dock space often filled wall to wall.  Good fuel stop but famous for the prime rib.   Land lubbers from all around also flock to the restaurant.   Reservations are encouraged and you MUST reserve your prime rib cut ahead of time to be assured it’s available.   One of the many highlights of an ICW trip.

Sheltered Slip between float-in sheds
Next stop was Atlantic Yacht Basin in Chesapeake.   Established in 1936 it’s a major hurricane hole (we weathered hurricane Mathew aboard a friends N50) and repair center.  Well protected with grocery and Restaurants short walk away it’s a great stop. Stayed about 4 weeks and caught up with Dennis and Julie aboard their Nordhavn 76.   Mary’s brother Dave and wife Laurie stopped by on their quest to find another boat.

WOODY on railway (both over 40 years old)
Exhaust flex inspection after engine alignment
Container of more boat "stuff" from Mexico arrives 
Lots of time for repairs at AYB and its a great place since support is available.   Engine alignment, exhaust blanket replacement, generator main oil seals, main engine frt. seal to name a few of the tasks...........remember-Cruising is defined as fixing your boat in exotic locations.
Travel buddy Sea Fox N76 at AYB 

We left mid June headed to Nova Scotia to join a loosely organized gathering of Nordhavn boats in Nova Scotia.    We will be buddy boating with Sea Fox N76 (Dennis & Julie).   It’s a bold trip to take on a “new to us” boat.   Same is true for Dennis so we have named this the “Breakdown Cruise”.