Monday, January 7, 2019

The Breakdown Cruise Continues (7-17catch-up)

We moved north fairly quickly making our way to Washington DC.   It’s a long trip up the Potomac River.  We anchored on the way and the “breakdown” cruise did not disappoint.   While in Norfolk replaced the washdown pump located just under the forward stateroom bed.   It was leaking slightly and water was making its way onto the stateroom sole.   The new pump leaked WORSE!   This time the repair included a fabricated catch basin draining to the bilge.   Will see how long this pump rebuild lasts. (The picture at the opening of the blog displays the washdown pump capability).

While in Washington we got a visit from a financial planner who we have worked with for years.   Conservative guy, who dinghied out to us on a  mooring ball and saw first hand were we lived and spent our money.   Sure he still thinks or is perhaps more convinced we are nuts!  Keela seems to think all is good.

Visiting the Holocaust museum was moving and sobering.  Man’s inhumanity to man is staggering and on that scale difficult to absorb.  Thankful everyday for being born in the USA. A Visit to the museum is a solid reminder not to take it for granted.  
Every day we enjoyed a flyover by half a dozen or more military helicopters bring congressional leaders to the Capitol.

The cruise continued up the Chesapeake Bay, thru the C&D Canal to Cape May NJ.   Had to wait on tide to exit Canyon Club.   Next stop Atlantic City and then Sandy Hook NJ.   Sandy Hook is a great Anchorage with a view of NY City lights.  We were here about 15 years ago on a delivery trip with our 46’ Grand Banks.   She was shipped from Florida to Ensenada and became our home for 5 years in San Francisco Bay.