Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Change comes to WORKNOT (N5017 for sale but there is more)

It has been too long since we have updated our blog and I'm attempting to catch up.  Reasons for not posting include not doing much exciting over the summer as we stayed in Ensenada for most of the summer of 2016.   We buddy boated to Los Cabos with our friends on Duet N50 as they make their way to New Zealand.   Our travels seem tame in comparison.   Ron and Nancy have a great blog and it tells the story of the trip south in detail.   http://www.mvduet.com/2017/01/29/Shelter-Island-Boatyard

Mary and I enjoyed a very peaceful crossing to Puerto Vallarta and settled in for the holidays.   About a dozen times we remarked how happy we were with N5017 and had it in the cruising condition we dreamed of.    Hull painted, interior revarmished, electronics updated, bottom painted, prop balanced and on and on.  

Even with all this done we still looked at the damned "YachtWorld" app suffering from 7'  ITIS......      .

Sooo, a cruising  buddy simply sent an email asking if we would want to buy his Nordhavn 57.    The dual walkaround, 2 stateroom, dual genset, full hydraulic package 57 footer we had been lusting after that recently disappeared from YachtWorld.?     Yep, that one.  

Plane trip to Florida, whirlwind of details and just that quhickly we are two boat owners.  One on each coast no less!  107 foot of Nordhavn luxury seperated by 2000 miles and an international border.   What could go Wrong?

Fast forward to today, WORKNOT N5017 is in Ensenada, listed with Jeff Merrill, the west coast trawler specialist www.jmys.com.    WORKNOT N5715 is in Stuart Florida being looked after by my friend Dennis awaiting my arrival end of the month.   The plan is to bring her to Mexico on her own bottom via the Panama Canal this spring.    Details of the trip and blogging to follow.    4200 miles and more borders than I want to think about.  

This is what the "ITIS" disease makes you do.....