Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Turning North

Manzanillo was our most southern point this year.   At 19.05.591 degrees north we are will into the tropics.   Weather has been warm and humidity is creeping up. 


Full Definition of tropic. 1 : either of the two parallels of terrestrial latitude at a distance of about 2312 degrees north or south of the equator where the sun is directly overhead when it reaches its most northerly or southerly point in the sky — compare tropic of cancer, tropic of capricorn.

Hard to believe we were at Glacier Bay 58.500 deg N near the artic circle 66.463 deg N  in August of last year.   

Glacier Bay with Antipodes 2015

GlacierBay (695 of 722)

Manzanillo with Salacia 2016


Boat maintenance never sleeps.  One of our projects included replacement of the headliners in the lower cabins.  The craftsman in La Cruz was injured at home and left some trim work to be finished.  Found the perfect trim stock in the Home Depot in Manzinillo.  Several 8’ lengths were needed.  So, how to get them back to the boat since we took a cab to the store?   Use the local taxi cab pickup truck complete with lumber rack of course!


Our next stop was a few days in Tennicatita.  Snokeling with Rob and Shannon, beach landings, kyacking and generally just hanging around.  Very relaxing.  We left Salacia and continued north to La Cruz. 

Rob and Shannon left to fly back to Ensenada and thier boat.  Keela and the rest of the crew miss them already.

A grim reminder that the sea is unforgiving and experience does not exclude you from tragedy.  This sailboat went ashore just outside the breakwater at La Cruz harbor.  We anchor there from time to time also.  The Captain is a world class sailor with vast experience.  Story is the rode (combination of rope and chain) parted while he was ashore.  Afternoon winds pushed him into the breakwater.  The boat was a total loss but fortunately no one was injured. 

Volunteers from the sailing community came together the strip the boat and arange to cut it up before more evniromental damage occured.


For the next 2 weeks split our time between La Cruz and Paradise Village.  Each has its charm and we enjoy both harbors. 

At La Cruz, our friend Neil joined us again in front of a picture of Salcia advertising the local shipyard.  He’s also in the ad standing at the bow of the newly painted Salcia.


Just around the corner beautiful chickens roam the streets.


Just 6 miles away by water, Paradise Village (PV) feels more like being in San Diego.

The mall at PV


View from our slip at PV



Plans are to go north soon for some time in Mazatlan.  Weather should be a little cooler as we move toward the Sea of Cortez.

Ready to travel!!


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