Sunday, February 21, 2016

Barra to Manzanillo 1/22/2016

We finally got our fill of French pastires and pried ourselves out of Barra.  Heading south the Manzanillo, a trip of about 24 miles we left liesurly at 10:30 AM.  Slack water made the exit from Barra easy and we had clear skys and light winds. 

Our friends on Salacia making the anchorage at Santiago. 


We stayed on the hook for a couple of days, swam, ate and relaxed in this well protected anchorage.   There are two natural harbors in this industrial town.  Our first choice (Santiago) has dozens of palapas and a gentle beach.  Perfect for practicing our small dinghy landing skills.   South of the bay is another anchorage and marina Las Hadas. 


The marina is a Med moor style and fairly small.  We were very happy in the sheltered anchorage.  For 200 pesos a day we can land the dinghy at the marina and full use of the pools, ping pong tables and beach.  A great deal and well worth it.

ROB gets schooled…..


The movie “10” was filmed here and put it on the tourist map.  Did not spot Bo but found these two ladies by the pool.






Friends of ours from Ensenada, Rob and Shannon traveled to La Cruz on their friends alumimum racing sailboat.  They took a bus to Manzanillo to meet us and ride back to La Cruz.  They are restoring a 65’ steel hulled sailboat in Ensenada.  Some pics of the work are in this blog from early in 2015. 


The sunsets on the west coast are just great!  Pictures of pictures…….


Lots of variety in food choices.   We enjoyed a great Italian dinner and several local Mexican choices.  The cost is generally less than $10 US for lunch and $15 for dinner will leave you stuffed.


One downside is no dogs are allowed at Las Hadas1


4 HOURS 14 Gallons 25 Miles

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