Sunday, February 28, 2016

La Cruz 2 Mazatlan 2/14/16

After more than 2 week relaxing between Paradise Village and La Cruz we moved north to Mazatlan. 
One of the highlights of the trip to Paradise Village was the chance to dive again with PVSea Dive.  Wayne Elliot was nice enough to pick me up for another round of diving with Sue and her team.
Water temps have cooled down just enough to require a wet-suit. Turtles, ells and rays joined the variety of schooling fish to make it another great dive experience.   So glad I took the certification course in Las Vegas so I can add these experiences to the cruising playbook.  Check out SCUBAFY and its Elvis impersonator instructor/owner. 

Your’s truly at 50’
We left La Cruz anchorage at 9AM in order to meet up with Salcia who was leaving from Paradise Village.  We stopped at La Cruz fuel dock to use us a small refund due from the marina.  Getting cash or a credit card refund in Mexico seems to be near impossible.  I’m told its related to the way transaction taxes are collected.  We took on 150 gallons and the price had fallen to $2.75/gal.  Just 30 days before it was $3.43/gal.  Don’t expect to need fuel until we start the trip North to Ensenada.
Seas were very good for the entire trip.  Several long-line detours as we made our way north.  Salacia was ahead of us for half the trip and kept us informed of long-line locations.  He snagged one but was able to get free without incident.  Our luck was a better this time. 

Big moon most of the trip and it really makes a difference on the night watch. 

The sunsets on the west coast are just spectacular.  Really enjoy MOST of an overnight trip.  Still; from about 2 AM to sun-up can be tough on everyone.

Mazatlan Marina is very well protected and just north of the commercial harbor.  Entrance includes a very aggressive turn and narrow.  Each time I’ve entered the plan was to take pictures but it was just too busy as we arrived.  Lots of fishing boats heading out, a dredge mid channel and morning sun just above the horizon dead ahead. 
Mazatlan is home to the longest malecon (Malecón is a Spanish word that refers to a paved public walkway by a lake or ocean) in the world according to several sources.  Just over 13 miles long.  Some scenes from the land side:
IMG_1173 IMG_1176
Cliff Diving Platform.  Could not get Neil or Diana to try it however…..
                                                                The landing zone for cliff divers

The old town market is big attraction.  Anything you can image to eat is available here.  Crowded with hundreds of vendors it's been elbow to elbow every time we visited.
Kinda gives new meaning to “The Whole Hog”
Good food is big part of why we love traveling in Mexico.  “Shrimp Boat” from one of the oldest resturants in the old town district.  Not only is it more food than any two or three people should eat but its kept warm with a fire built inside the “boat”.  All for $$400 pesos or about $22 US.  Great lunch spot overlooking the Malecon.
Diner at the “Fat Fish” featured ribs. 2 x 1 pricing at $$199 pesos including baked potato, salad and soup.  This is a single serving of ribs.  Don’t miss this one if you find yourself in Mazatlan. 
Keela got another “summer” hair do from a groomer who came to the boat to trim her and Chewy from Salacia. 
BOX SCORE 23 Hours 116 gallons 170 miles

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