Monday, December 28, 2015

9/19/15 Single handling Dana Point to SD

For the first time since we have owned the current WORKNOT find myself single-handling the boat. Mary left for Las Vegas to retrieve a car for our trip to Mexico.  It was an odd feeling as I headed to the fuel dock, alone with just Keela for a deckhand.  

The fuel dock opened at 6 AM and it was a zoo!  The Catalina ferry was tied to the dock taking on fuel and over a dozen fishing boats were trying to get bait at the floating bait well next to the fuel dock.   It was hard to tell which line was for fuel and which was for bait.  Drifting in a crowded harbor, single-handed was not the best way to start the morning.  Just as I was making my way to the fuel dock a center console cut in front of me.  The guy would not even make eye contact as he passed between me and the dock with less than a boat length to spare.  Out of character for most of the boating community.

Finally made my way to the fuel dock, took on 581 gallons @ $2.85/gal.    Last fuel stop was Gray's Harbor just south of Strait of Juan de Fuca Washington.  Chart indicates just over 1,000 miles.  Very pleased with the fuel consumption as we averaged better than 1.7 miles/gallon.

The trip to San Diego was uneventful in calm water but being alone on the boat made me very cautious about going outside underway.  Next to impossible to "fall" over the high side rails on WORKNOT the thought of watching her go away from the water was intimidating.   My hat is off to those who single hand sailboats around the globe.  Its a combination of bravery and fool-heartedness not for me.  Will be happy to have Mary back on board when we get to Ensenada.....  

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