Sunday, January 10, 2016

San Diego to Ensenada 9/20/15

Early departure from the SD police dock.  6:45 am found me leaving with the fishing fleet once again.  Good weather and very small swell (2 ft @ 12 seconds) made the single handling trip to Ensenada easy.

Not much to report as Keela and I crossed into Mexico.  About 25 miles from Ensenada a Mexican patrol boat approached from the starboard side and ran along side for about 2 miles.  The boat was about 60' and had several men on deck with automatic weapons.  Finally after more than 10 minutes alongside they called me on the radio and asked if I had a dog on board.  Confirming I did , held Keela up for them to see, all the while making 8 kts.  Soon the captain wished me a good day and off they went.

Asked several locals what the dog question was all about and the consensus is they had an infrared camera scanning the WORKNOT and wanted to know what the moving heat source was.  They are using the infrared cameras to confirm the number of people before they approach a boat.  Surprised they could "see" Keela but my internet search for FLIR type cameras confirmed its possible.

Potential Heat Source

Arrived Cruise Port Marina at 3:30 pm and got an end tie for the evening.  Great for getting into single handed.  With all the travel we have done Ensenada is the most like a "home port" for us.  Several good friends to welcome us.  Know the way around town without a map and enjoy the ability to walk to a dozen or more local restaurants, grocery store and coffee shops.  

WORKNOT will be here until we go on the CUBAR 2016 group trip to La Paz mid November.

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