Monday, December 28, 2015

9/15/15 Ventura CA to Dana Point

The water and the weather are warmer as we continue towards Mexico and the 2015 CUBAR rally.
We stayed another night at the Ventura Yacht Club courtesy dock.  Its a tight fit for our boat and would be nearly impossible in a Nordhavn 55 or 57.  Without a stern thruster its about all the challenge I need to get in and out without meeting someone new after we scratch their boat.

The club was closed during our visit but found someone to let us off the dock and loan us their key. Boaters take care of each other and this was another example of why we enjoy meeting fellow boaters.

Along with walkway in Ventura we found this sidewalk chalk art.  Just amazing talent from local artist.  All of this will be washed away in the next rain.  

We traveled from Ventura to Dana Point without incident.  About 14 hours in calm waters arriving at Dana Point well after dark.  Since we have been in this harbor numerous times entering in calm weather we quickly found a spot in the north anchorage.  Next morning we moved to Nordhavn's guest dock for the next day.  The dock was under repair and soon a jackhammer was hard at work tearing up the concrete docks.  So here we sit, in a courtesy dock with Nordhavn doing us a favor and worrying that the chips from the jack hammer will scratch our paint job.   After about 3 hours of jack-hammering managed to get a slip at the Dana Point West Yacht club.   Oh, the challenges of cruising.....

We stopped in Dana Point for repairs/replacement of the carper in our salon and pilot house.  It was all replaced as we headed north to Alaska but the fit was poor.  Since we were in a bit of a hurry to meet a weather window and could not get a guest dock in Dana Point we moved on.   Now, we are hanging around Dana Point while the new carpet is fitted.  Lots of time is used up chasing parts, waiting on others to make repairs or just trying to line up the ongoing maintenance and upkeep.   Really its part of the "fun" and fits the definition of cruising-"fixing you boat in exotic places".  No complaints however, much more fun than working on a house in one location.

Keela is not happy to have her carpet removed.  The floors are too slick for her even in the harbor......

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