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Walker Cove to Yes Bay 7/7/15

Walker Cove to Yes Bay 7/7/15

Our circumnavigation of Revillagigedo Island continues as we move from Walker Bay to Yes Bay.
Walker Bay is a few miles north of the famous Punchbowl area which is heavily visited by cruise ship and others from Ketchikan.  

The peaks around Walker Bay are in the 3,000 ft range and snow was still visible on the eastern slopes.   Took the dinghy fishing and even when less than 50 ft form the wall the depth was often over 200’ (Limits of dinghy depth finder).  Only the sounds of nature penetrated the area.  No float planes or other reminders of civilization.  GPS signals occasionally blocked by the high walls.

Our first bear sighting occurred on the morning we left.  He was eating grass at low tide.  So much for walking Keela along the beach. 

The days are getting a little shorter and occasionally stay awake long enough to catch a sunset.  Sunrise however remains elusive around 4 AM.  The lack of darkness is really messing with our sleep patterns and its been to warm to shut all the doors to the stateroom.  These are the kind of problems I like to deal with.

While on the topic of problems our water maker continues to be a source of irritation.   After replacing one of the boost pumps in Ketchikan the other pump failed.  It was recommended both pumps be replaced at the same time as they operate in parallel.  Naturally, had to take the newest pump out to get to the older one.  Fixed a nuisance leak while the system was apart and it produced the most water ever!  Right on spec at 14-15 gal/hr.   So far the controller, membrane, high pressure CLARK pump and both boost pumps have been replaced.   There are not many other moving parts to the system.  With a little luck maybe it will work for more than 2 weeks without a wrench touching it.   In fairness the watermaker was left unpickled (preserved) for too long when we bought the boat.  With the recent repairs most of the items that could be impacted have been replaced.   Time will tell.  
Next stop is Yes Bay.   The fishing resort has two important things; internet and dinner cooked by someone other than crew members.   Both are a welcome break. 

The place is beautiful and staying there along with fishing trips is almost $1000/night.   That includes float plane from Ketchikan and the guides really produced the fish.   All the gear needed including raingear, fishing tackle, boats, guides and vacuum packing the catch is included.  After seeing the number of salmon each boat returned with it was tempting to sign up.  Staff was very pleasant and helpful.  Even as just dinner guests we were treated like we belonged and constantly asked if they could make our visit better.
Anchorage was about a mile away but the lodge provided a great dinghy parking arrangement.  Just drive onto the float, it sinks with the weight of the dinghy and step out on the dry side of the dock.

The crew of Antipodes posing for the years Christmas card?

Next morning we were greeted by another bear sighting, this one much closer.  He swam out to a float just behind our boat, walked around then back to shore.  A bit unnerving to see how easily the bear transitioned from the water to the float.  The swim platform on WORKNOT would be no challenge.

BOX SCORE 7 hours 22 Gallons 48 Miles 

Our plan is to fish another few days and return to Ketchikan to catch up on internet and another round of provisions at the Safeway.     More as we head to Wrangell and continue north.....

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