Friday, July 10, 2015

Ketchikan and Revillagigedo Island

Ketchikan has been a bit of disappointment to us.  Most of the places we have been were different and had their own charm.  Maybe because of huge cruise ship impact we just have not warmed up to the town.  People are nice and the harbor is a mix of commercial and pleasure boats.  The downtown area is geared to the 8,000 people who arrive daily for half a day or so of shopping and tours.  At least 30 jewelry stores with a hawker out front inviting us in for that "special" deal.  No great local restaurants were found.  The real draw to the area is the Misty Fjords Monument park and the incredible fishing and scenery nearby.

We will be happy to return and perhaps Ketchikan will grow on us but its just too much of tourist town compared to the many other places we have visited.

Below is a chart view of Revillagigedo Island and some of the places we will stop on our circumnavigation.  Almost all of these places are inaccessible by car including Ketchikan. (about 40 miles of road that is not connected to any other cities)

The population of Ketchikan is about 8,000 people and some days the cruise ships bring almost 10,000 people to visit.  Boat trips, dozens of floatplanes and helicopters all rush to the pier to grab their customers for half a day.

Maybe I have it wrong, it could be the happiest place on earth about the Disney ship.

This is one of the tour boats that stood out from the crowd of raw aluminum charter boats.  She is "turned out rather well".

The tourist area in full swing on a 4 cruise ship day.  This is salmon row.  Ketchikan process more canned salmon that the rest of the Southeast Alaska canneries combined.   Sadly its mostly T shirt shops and jewelry stores. 

Another unique item: the airport is across the water from the city.  A ferry is needed to get to anywhere other than the airport property. 

The shopping is done and its time to head out.  On our way south we caught up with our friends on Antipodes.  A San Diego based boat we cruised with in Mexico on the FUBAR in 2013/2014.  We have been crossing paths all way from San Francisco and plan to buddy boat with them from here north.

She is a steel hulled Yachtsmith International powered by the same engine as WORKNOT.  Traveling with them is like having a spare parts locker next door.   Randy, Nancy and Adam their son along with 2 huge cats are on a 3 year cruise from Mexico to Alaska.

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  1. Are you guys planning on going as far as Prince William sound? If you make it to Valdez I'd love to meet you and say hello. I'm Jim Evans from Fairbanks Alaska and I fish out of Valdez almost every weekend. Have safe travels!