Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shoalwater Pass and Puch Bowl in the Misty Fiords National Monument 7/2/15

Tried some fishing in the area south of Ketchikan and hung out at two local anchorages hoping to catch some halibut.  The boat next to us at Bar Harbor filled a five gallon bucket with halibut steaks after sharing a few with us and some other neighbors.  No luck on halibut but did get a few rock fish and a very angry shark.  

Moving on to Shaolwater Pass we hooked up with Antipodes.  This well protected anchorage gave us a chance to resupply our crab reserves with fresh meat and enjoy the unusually warm weather.  

Punch Bowl is a very active tourist spot with float planes and tour boats coming from Ketchikan all day long.  The 3,000 ft granite face of the bowl is breathtaking and the feeling of isolation is only interrupted by the takeoff and landing of float planes during daylight hours.   At night its like being in a larger version of Lake Powell.

Several floatplanes landed for a brief look around during our stay.  They would land, turn off the engine while the passengers got out onto the floats and took pictures.  While the view from the air may be impressive much prefer the view from the water or even from the hiking trail.

A lake is located just about 1 mile from the head of Punch Bowl.  The hike to the lake is described as a "scramble".  While not that difficult it would be nearly impossible if not for the boardwalks and other trail improvements laid down over the years.   As you will see below the hike is worth it.

Waterfall about half way up to the lake.

Resting for the trip back down the "scramble" path.
 The unobstructed view

 NO BOX SCORE TODAY:   This trip involved several short stops, some fishing and overnights at local coves to accommodate getting to the fishing grounds early in the morning so the usual Box Score does not make much sense.  We have traveled about 50 miles in 4 days overall.

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