Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Port Hartley 6-20-15 to Baker Inlet

Our journey is moving into less and less populated areas and the scenery remains outstanding.  A quiet anchorage behind Promise Island.

We had been off line for a few days so went around the corner to Hartley Bay, a native community reported to have cell and net service.  The small harbor was well kept and very protected.  Full coverage on cell and 4G internet.   It was a Sunday so the community was very quiet but we took a walk around and found lots of new houses under construction.

 The entire town is built over a peat bog and the roads are all in the form of boardwalks.  Houses are built on pilings.   Many of the new homes are replacements for older homes overwhelmed by mold.

Heading into Greenville Channel on a flood tide we enjoyed about 1 to 2 kts of push most of the way to Baker Inlet.   Winds picked up in the afternoon and Greenville Channel can get rough when the wind and the tide oppose each other.   Just as the wind came up the tide changed to ebb and ran with the wind.  

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The route is a major path to Alaska and commercial traffic makes use of this protected inside passage.  This is one of BC's low wake ferries.  She was making about 18 kts with very little disturbance.

Entering Baker Inlet requires faith in charts and a call on VHF to warn any outbound vessels of your approach to the blind corner surrounded by trees. Once inside the lagoon opens up and plenty of room to anchor with only one other boat that evening.  

We are getting better at rainy operations, well everyone but Keela.

Box Score 7 hours   24 gallons 52 miles  

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