Monday, June 22, 2015

Codville Lagoon and Shearwater 6/17/2015

Arrival at this secluded spot required a run thru a narrow opening to a wide lagoon complete with its own island.  We anchored in about 40’ on a rocky bottom in one corner of the lagoon, just in front of a trail sign.   The trail leads to a freshwater lake about half a mile away.  Over the years someone has hauled lumber to the site and made a walkway up and over the ridge to the lake.  It’s a great hike and made much simpler by the boardwalk.   It’s a lot of boards.  Can only imagine the work to get them there, cut them, place them and maintain it.   Rumor is its all volunteer work. 

The result of the work is a path suitable for most anyone.  A few pretty steep spots but very worth the effort.

My guess is the lake is nearly 100 acres and its set in a valley with high mountains on one side and trees on the other.   One of the quietest places we have been, no trace of mankind other than a few footprints in the sandy beach.   Some of the foot prints were from a large animal.  There have been cougars spotted  nearby. 

The water’s edge is golden and crystal clear.  We met another couple on their way back from the lake who claimed the water was warm enough for them to swim in.  They were from Vancouver and their idea of warm water and mine are not the same.   Prefer the waters of Mexico in the low 80’s.

Leaving the next morning we saw a current nearly 3 kts at the narrow exit.  No problem for us since it was also fairly deep but the impact of the tide swing (17’) is really beginning to show.   As we go further north the tide swing will continue to increase. 

Shearwater and Bella Bella were our next stops.  They are on separate islands.  Shearwater is a very active harbor with a general store, marine repair center complete with travel lift, grocery store and lodge.   Very popular area for fishing.  Several helicopters came in and out along with float planes.  Kids from Shearwater go to school at Bella Bella only a few miles away by water on the SeaBus.   Bella Bella also has a grocery store and airport that caters to the fishing community.  

There are more ways than boats to get around in British Columbia.  In addition the commercial float planes there are many private float planes coming and going at various camps and homesites.  This couple stopped by for some groceries. 

The store at Shearwater is in the same building as the marine center.  The heritage painting is beautiful and well maintained.


Bella Bella 

BOX SCORE    3 HOURS 8 Gallons 21 Miles

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