Monday, June 22, 2015

Blunden Harbor to Dawson Landing 6/11-6-14/2015

With a good weather window we decided to cross Queen Charlotte Strait in its southern portion and headed for Blunden Harbor.  This well protected cove was a good choice as winds picked up into the low 20's on and off for the next 2 days.  Several other boats joined us in the cove to wait out the weather.

This crab got all steamed up but only after catching me through a leather glove and raising a blood blister as I was getting him out of the trap.  Still think I won however.  Caught about 10 keepers in the two days we were there.

As the weather broke we left for Dawson's Landing as it was billed as the "Mall of the area" in one of the guide books.  Well, the people were extremely friendly but "mall" was a bit of a reach.  The store had lots of out of date foods (who knew Famous Amos cookies went bad) and expected high prices.  Stayed on the float with no power or water for the evening.  Should have just gone 2 more miles and anchored.  The facility was interesting with its prime power generator room housing 2 very old style diesel gensets (both brush type and one had external driven exciter-the gear heads will enjoy this info)  and floats built of logs arranged like Lincoln Logs up to 3 deep to provide enough flotation for the store.  Nowhere to get off the float to land and walk so we made several laps around the floats for a little exercise.

Some of the logs are 3 ft in diameter 

What do mean no where to find grass????   Not fair.......

BOX SCORE 8 hours  31 gallons 57 miles 

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