Wednesday, November 14, 2018

North on the ICW 5/17 (Catch-up)

Paul and Irma stayed with us northbound with stops in Vero Beach, Marine Land, and Savannah Ga.  Along the way the learning continued ...near Rockhouse Creek we anchored and shut down all the engines only to hear “something running”.   After searching bow to stern and noticing there was no power draw on the electrical panels discovered the sound was from a dredge at least a mile away.   It’s discharge pipes ran underwater fairly near our location.  If you listen closely can hear the gravel runnng thru the pipes.


One our favorite stops is Osprey Marina.    They pack us in pretty tight!  
Osprey is known for low cost fuel and one of the best goodie bags on ICW.  The contents include a whistle for life jacket, Honey Bun, and more.

Another favorite is Randy’s BBQ in Savannah.   The Uber driver was not crazy about stopping but man was it worthwhile!   

We asked for sauce on the side (we got two of these trays) and we got a milk jug complete with milk lable filled with BBQsauce, properly taped shut with blue painters tape. 

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