Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monterey To Half Moon Bay

3/20/15  Our stay in Monterey came to an end this morning as we got going at 7:30AM, continuing north with our next stop at Half Moon Bay.   Only about 60 miles up the coast we cross the Monterey Bay and its canyon.

From the above link: Many of Earth’s highest peaks, deepest valleys, and most extensive plains are found in the ocean. The undersea Monterey Canyon in California descends over two miles—twice as deep as Arizona’s Grand Canyon. From the wavy surface to the blackest depths, Monterey Canyon teems with beautiful and bizarre organisms.......

This picture is the entrance to Monterey Harbor.  Its actually about 50' wide but it does not look that way from the helm.    Just inside the fairways are all to starboard, so tight we can't make the turn without stopping and "backing and filling" to turn WORKNOT in such a tight circle.  Kinda like parallel parking but with wind and current.

We ran in fog  that was broken and scattered as we crossed the bay, about 20 miles.  About 3 hours out the fog broke and suddenly 100's of dolphins came to greet us.  Its always a treat to see even one or two but this was a real collection.  This picture does not do justice to the number of dolphins that streamed across the bow.  It lasted about 15 minutes and they always add to the trip. 

Our trip continued with mild seas, overcast skys and not much to report.  So far we have enjoyed exceptionally good sea conditions and light winds.  What's a bad day for sailboats is ideal traveling for us.  At 4:30 PM we were "anchor down" in Half Moon Bay securely behind the seawall.  This was one of our favorite escapes from the SF Bay area.   Great seafood, lots of room to anchor, several nice restaurants and only a few hours from the Golden Gate. 

The box score:    9 Hours, 60 Miles, 35 Gallons 

And another good day for Keela and crew on watch-----

Mary's pajamas not mine

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