Saturday, March 29, 2014


We ran into FUBAR 2013 participant ANTIPODES, Yatchsmith 55 in Chamela.  Randy and Nancy are traveling with their school age son Adam.   Each day they are homeschooling him in the mornings and then the rest of the day is available for fun and “informal” learning.  Their boat was one of many we looked at before buying WORKNOT.  It is a world class circumnavigator and very capable.  Steel hulled and hearty, ANTIPODES can and has gone the distance.

Talked to Randy by radio in Chamela and he mentioned he was without his radar and was moving only in daylight.  This makes the run to La Cruz difficult as the run takes 12 hours and almost 100 miles.  Not really 12 hours of daylight this time of year.  We volunteered to run as his eyes at night and agreed to meet in Punta Ipala just south of Cabo Corrientes.  This small harbor was the one we passed up on coming south from La Cruz as we passed early in the morning.  On the return trip we went there for a short night, leaving before sunup the next morning in order to make Cabo Corrientes before sunup and the wind picks up. 

Our reward was a fairly tight anchorage, rolly but not too bad but a few great sunset pics for the efforts.

ANTIPODES followed us out of the anchorage at 5 AM and we left them in Banderis Bay after the sun came up.   Cabo Corrientes was calm and peaceful.  Getting an early start was worth the rolly night on the hook.


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