Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bara de Navidad continued…..

Bara de Navidad continued…..

We ran into a street fair one evening while searching for an ice cream store in Bara de Navidad.  It was a small traveling show with 10 rides, balloon toss, rings, darts and other side show games.  The entire collection of rides and games was well worn and the carnies as well.  We played a few games, won a pop gun (imagine that being a prize in California) and only Mary was brave enough to ride the rides.  The most aggressive ride was the Himalaya.  Pictures don’t do it  justice but the thing goes around in a tight circle with some ups and downs.  Half in the dark and half in the light.  Mary was the ONLY gringo aboard and had a blast.  This thing really screams along and the operator seemed to enjoy controlling the ride as much as the rider enjoyed the ride.  It goes backwards too!


We gave our winnings to some local kids and found the ice cream store as well.

Sea Fox, N55, our friends from La Cruz joined us for dinner and we managed to get “dressed up” for the occasion.  It still did not require long pants but it was nice to wear something other than a T shirt for a change…

As we left the water taxi we ran across this guy earning a living the hard way.  He was playing a taped political announcement, over and over and over again.  We heard him most of the night.

On a related note, the water delivery trucks and the propane delivery trucks each play a unique tune as they drive around the towns announcing they are available.  The songs are short and play on a loop continuously.   I guess the drivers are immune but it sure is annoying….

Many of the beach towns have some type of infrastructure work going on and we are told it is funded by the central government.  Tourism is a key income opportunity and fishing is critical to many of the town’s survival.  Here they are restoring a beach while opening up the harbor.  WIN WIN.  The operator builds a landing, walks out on it, continues digging the harbor floor and then removes the landing and moves on down the beach.   Twice saw the counterweight splashing in the water as the landing shifted.   This Volvo will make a great trade in.

Our friends on Tropical Blend N43 told us of a “private” pool on the 10th floor of the hotel.  Sure enough, after 2 elevators, a hidden walkway and some dead reckoning we found a very nice pool surrounded by villa type rooms.  We visited half a dozen times and other than the Nordhavn group only had one other couple show up.  The view from up there was impressive as well.

We left Bara and headed back to La Cruz via Tenacatita and Chamela.  Before we left we caught a few more sunsets worthy of a picture.

Note much to report on our trip back to Tenacatita.  We stayed a few days and relaxed before heading back north to Chamela. 

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