Thursday, November 7, 2013

The first leg

The whirlwind of activity finally came to an end at 5:07 am this morning.  After weeks of preparation and planning there was no more to be done.  Our family/crew Dave & Lori, arrived last night, water tanks were filled and dock keys dropped off.  For the first time in 12 years I was not carrying an Almar marina dock key in my pocket. Odd how little things strike you when facing change.  We started our west coast boating with a slip in Ventura California, operated by Almar and moved to an Almar marina in Alameda California and finally to an Almar facility in San Diego.  When we reached Ensenada today, just as I left the boat I reached for my Almar dock key out of habit.  Just one of many habits to modify in the coming months.

Today's trip of about 70 miles got underway just at daylight.  We planned to get up at 5:30 am and be underway by 6 am.  Guess there is a bit of excited little kid left because Dave and I were both up at 5:07 and ready to go.   We left the dock at 5:33 am and were safely tucked into Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada Mexico by 2:30 in the afternoon.  The wind was from the east and grew to about 15 knots before calming and clocking around to the NW.  The gave us a very comfortable following sea of about 2-3 ft with minimal wind waves. Water temp was 62 F and air rose from a chilly start of 58 F to a very sunny and pleasant 72 F on arrival.   Great start to the journey.  Several dolphins joined us for a play session in the bow wave.  Always a good feeling to see them.  They always seem to be smiling and playing.  

Estimated fuel for the trip is 40 gallons.  Forgot to reset the Flowscan but will do so to provide more accurate fuel logging in the future...Average speed was 7.6 kts at 1,500 rpm.  No mechanical issues (appropriate knock on wood here) to report and the rhythm of watch-standing, engine room checks and rest interrupted by lots of snacking was very comforting.

Mary led us to town for a fish taco dinner but we were sidetracked by a plate of ribs at a local burger and steak sidewalk restaurant. Finished off with a walk across the street to Mary's favorite churro purveyor and a quiet walk back to the boat.  

We rest here while the rest of the FUBAR fleet arrives and fuels for a departure on Saturday morning.   We followed 3 Nordhavn's down the coast and there are a few more already here for the trip.

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